Editorial: Being still

With Summer break on the horizon and the next few weeks packed with final papers, projects, and exams, the value of breaks in our daily lives seems to be an apt discussion to have.

We at the Echo generally value the thought of taking time out of our day to do “nothing.”

“Nothing” is a loose term because we rarely do absolutely “nothing.”

Our nothing consists of watching tv, being on our phones, playing games, taking walks, and generally making efforts to relax.  

Resting helps clear our mind and set our intentions, which Is really important to being productive. It also helps us take a step back and see the big picture which helps us to feel less stressed.

While we think it may be an exercise that can cultivate easy mindedness and psychological well-being, we generally find it hard to just be still.

Some of us are fidgety, we like to be busy. Stillness is not for us. We are most productive when we are productive. While others on staff just enjoy the white noise of a television or scroll through social media after a long day at school or at work.

None of us are successful in achieving complete stillness for very long.

There are some among our editorial staff who would like to try stillness through meditation and others who find meditation irksome.

Though stillness itself can be difficult to obtain, we recognize the importance of finding release and relaxation and to stop even for a few minutes to not work.

Taking breaks while you are busy can improve productivity. Breaks can refocus your mind and help relieve stress.

The most important thing to do in a break is to find something that relaxes you and that you do something you enjoy doing. Or do nothing at all.

Have a great Summer Break!

Ashley Day

Ashley Day


Ashley is a communication major with a minor in psychology. She spends most of her spare time hiking, eating sushi or taking photos. To contact Ashley, email her at jks461@mocs.utc.edu.

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