Editorial: Comparing the Trump and Obama administration controversies, media coverage

Cartoon by Dionna Moore

It seems that President Trump has been surrounded by scandal after scandal, controversy after controversy. Even before the election, many issues arose which should have been more concerning to voters, including sexual assault allegations and tape of him bragging about violating women.

He hired an unqualified staff, many of whom were later fired or resigned, took countless golf trips on our dollar, called Nazis “fine people,” tried to ban an entire religion, and it is now coming to light that he gave hush money to Stormy Daniels, a porn star with whom he has an affair.

All this and so much more, and the media has hardly slapped him on the wrist. Instead, his immoral behavior is valued as entertainment, rather than viewed as a blow to our country’s reputation. One particular network still praises everything he does.

Rewind to the last administration. The media lost their mind when President Obama wore a tan suit, saying it was unpresidential and made him look weak.  Every little thing he did was torn apart, but compared to the current president, Obama was a totally vanilla leader. He had no personal scandals and was professional and respectful to all.

As a staff, we agree this is largely due to the fact that Obama’s race.  People were watching him like a hawk, waiting for any minor slip-up so they could persecute him and blame it on the color of his skin.

Trump himself even tweeted, “Sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations!” in November 2014.

One member of the staff notes that there is no way that any of the things Trump has done would pass under Obama. His reputation would have been destroyed, and there would have been an immediate call for impeachment.

The vast difference in coverage of the “scandals” of these two very different administrations shows that we, as a society, are not nearly as far along as we’d like to think. Media still favors white men above all, and will excuse their bad behavior over and over again.

We agree that Trump is unfit for office and it’s hard for us to imagine his presidency lasting all four years. Unfortunately, it seems that his status as a rich, white man makes him nearly untouchable, but we’re counting down the days until our country is back in capable, moral hands.

Haley Doss

Haley Doss

Opinion Editor

I am a senior studying communications with a minor in political science. I love learning new things, talking about politics and long walks around Target.

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  1. I guess you never heard of the Fast and Furious scandal, the unconstitutional FISA court approval of surveillance on private Americans without cause, the payment of millions to known terror-linked Iran, the intentional meddling in Israel’s prime minister election, the Clinton uranium scandal under Obama’s administration, the Benghazi scandal, among others. I guess those sorts of unimportant “tan suit” scandals fade with time…

    Compared with these that I’ve listed, an affair seems trivial.

    But just in case you were actually worried about sexual abuse claims, look at Bill Clinton. Ask the many women who have charged him with rape. Where’s the media microphone for these women? SNL even made jokes about these victims. Sick.

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