Editorial: Disney-Pixar Bracket

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With March Madness in full effect this spring, it has led to unprecedented bracketology all over social media.

If you have found yourself on Twitter over the past few weeks, you have undoubtedly come across parody brackets that stem from best Drake songs to best childhood TV series to best memes. These brackets go on a one-versus-one basis, and, as winners advance, matchups (ideally) become more intense and harder to decide.

We, as an Echo staff, elected to complete a Disney/Pixar best movie bracket. This is one of the most recycled brackets I’ve come across on Twitter, and it seemed like something we could all get behind.


Before we get to the results, the following should be noted. This bracket reflects the Echo’s opinion as a collective. On an individual basis, there may be no one member with this specific bracket, and there were many disputes and debates over winning movies, as many members individually could disagree with any one particular outcome or matchup. Furthermore, as a collective, it evoked raw emotions from us all, and whatever personal disagreements with results exist, it is a representation of the staff as a whole.



Division 1:

Lion King defeats Tarzan

Lilo & Stitch over Princess and the Frog

Big Hero 6 beats Tangled

Moana trumps Frozen

Division 2:

Aladdin edges Hercules

Little Mermaid beats out Pocahontas

Mulan crushes Zootopia

Beauty and the Beast moves on over the Nightmare Before Christmas

Division 3:

UP annihilates Brave

Toy Story 2 slides past Toy Story

Coco over Cars 2

Toy Story 3 defeats The Good Dinosaur (is this a real movie?)

Division 4:

Bug’s Life beats Ratatouille

Finding Nemo conquers Inside Out

Monster’s Inc. triumphs over Cars

The Incredibles close out the first round in win over Wall • E


Division 1:

Top-seeded Lion King falls in a heated debate to Lilo & Stitch

Moana cruises over Big Hero 6

Division 2:

Aladdin vanquishes the Little Mermaid

Mulan marches on over Beauty and the Beast

Division 3:

Up and Toy Story 2 duke it out in a barn-burner, but Toy Story 2 comes through in the clutch to move forward

Oscar-winning Coco slides past Toy Story 3

Division 4:

Nemo keeps swimming in scintillating fashion with an overtime victory over Bug’s Life

Monster’s Inc. door stays open in win over the Incredibles


Division 1:

Lilo & Stitch leave Moana behind as Cinderella keeps dancing

Division 2:

In the best matchup of the tournament thus far, Aladdin hits a buzzer beater over Mulan

Division 3:

Coco movie trailer is watched by whole staff as it edges out Toy Story 2 for semifinal appearance

Division 4:

Monster’s Inc. wins with surprising ease over Nemo


In the game of the tournament, Aladdin shows us the world as Ohana wasn’t enough to propel Lilo & Stitch any further. This got heated.

Monster’s Inc. slips by Coco


Monster’s Inc. closes the door on Aladdin’s surging run to take the championship 23-19. Monster’s Inc. is the Echo Disney/Pixar movie bracket winner!


This bracket had a plethora of deserving movies, and the seeding seemed somewhat unfair/unrealistic at times, as some early round matchups pitted two instant classics (I.e. Lion King versus Tarzan).

There were also some notable snubs in this bracket, as movies such as: the Emperor’s New Groove, Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland, all weren’t even there for consideration.

With a lot of controversy throughout the tournament, coming out with Monster’s Inc. as the champion was a satisfactory finish. There are a lot of great movies and childhood classics, and Monster’s Inc. winning left a pretty satisfied collective acceptance.


This bracket was fun for the staff to complete, and we probably spent too much time and energy debating.

Something special about this particular bracket is the all-encompassing element. Everyone on the Echo staff has seen many of these movies and had them as a noteworthy part of our childhood. It was a good way to bring the staff together over something we all felt passionate about.

Noting our outcomes, and with how intense our entire discussion was on this bracket, I have no doubt if we debated over it once more, we would have entirely different results. Nonetheless, shout out to Monster’s Inc.

Kyle Yager

Kyle Yager

Sports Editor

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