Editorial: Michigan State reports evoke questions of truth

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Michigan State has been under a national spotlight the past couple weeks as they have dealt with extreme allegations dealing with sexual assault.

The reports originally stem from the sentencing of long time Olympic gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar for sexually assaulting over 250 young girls. Nassar was also a doctor for Michigan State.

The news about Nassar, and the allegations towards the athletic program of MSU, have brought about questions of sexual assault and the legitimacy of those allegations for our editorial staff.

The staff for the Echo unanimously feels that Nassar’s punishment was necessary and justice. Furthermore, the theme of where there’s smoke there’s fire seems to be the feeling towards other allegations of the NCAA and the university.

No one on our stuff thought MSU or the NCAA are clean in any of these reports. One staff writer believes that if the allegations are true, considering the resignation of both the MSU president and AD, that the entire athletic department deserves the death penalty. Multiple members believe that the NCAA was aware of the sexual assault cases prior to the reports, and that justice should rain down on the NCAA in similar fashion to MSU.

We all find the reports and volume of allegations appalling. We all hope that this situation brings to light all those who are hiding something or didn’t act when made aware, and more so we hope that this situation changes and greatly improves the handling of sexual assault cases going forward.

Kyle Yager

Kyle Yager

Sports Editor

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