Editorial: Spring Break plans next week

Cartoon by Dionna Moore

Spring Break is a great time for students to take the time to do anything that isn’t related to school. That can be traveling to an ideal destination or just taking time to relax and prepare for the final half of the school year.

As a staff, our plans for Spring Break are all over the place, but we all plan to not worry about school over the much needed break from college responsibilities.

A few members of the Echo plan on taking a short trip to Atlanta for a few days while others plan on traveling farther to places like North Carolina and Washington. Two members of the Echo staff have plans to spend their Spring Break on a cruise to Mexico with over 80 fellow students from the UTC community.

The remainder of the Echo staff have plans to either travel home or stay in Chattanooga. We think that at this point in the semester, we need Spring Break to recover and prep for the rest of the semester.

On top of the destinations already mentioned, the Echo staff heard of a few other travel spots that UTC students are going to for Spring Break this year. Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York City, Hawaii and trips to Central America, South America and Europe sponsored by UTC are just a few other travel spots that other students have planned for Spring Break.

We think that being in college gives students the chance to put off our responsibilities for a week and enjoy ourselves. While we are in college is the time to plan a special trip because we don’t know how often that will happen after graduation day.

Overall, we think each Spring Break should be tailored to the student specifically because everyone has their own responsibilities and preferences. We think that since midterms are long over and finals are still over a month away, just take some personal time this Spring Break to relax and responsibility enjoy yourself.

Haley Doss

Haley Doss

Opinion Editor

I am a senior studying communications with a minor in political science. I love learning new things, talking about politics and long walks around Target.

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