Most people have seen this rhetoric by now: America is the most divided it has ever been. And we pretty much agree.

It’s clear to see how this could be true between the racial issues, feminist issues and the rhetoric surrounding our new president. Most of the conversations that surround these topics between people who disagree usually result in a general agreement that one side is the obvious offender of America. However, even though we do agree that there is some divisiveness in our country, we do disagree about the extent of to which this is true.

Half of us believe that America is in deep.

They see the rhetoric that has harmed both sides’ political ideals and turn these parties in on themselves. They think the attack on the media has furthered this divide as it has directly affected the way that people receive and use the information to form their own beliefs. They attribute everything to a general lack of understanding of themselves and the world around them.

However, the other half cite other times where people were even more divided and point out the unity that’s existing today.

One referenced a Facebook post that asked the same question as this editorial where someone responded with the mention that we were once in a civil war where over a million people lost their lives to fighting over political beliefs. They feel that until we reach this point, we’re at least doing better. Another mentioned the Civil Rights Movement in the same context.

Others point out that America has always been divided about something, and maybe we’re just more outspoken. But there is obvious unification within the marches taking place and the camaraderie between those who wish to support those who feel targeted.

However, we all agree that this divisiveness can be fixed.

We see potential in unification if leaders step up to bring us together. We see potential in ourselves, even if we have to wait until the millennial generation moves in and shows “what a scam the ‘a nation divided’ crap is.”

Others also want to say that they think we are only as divided as we think we are. We hold the most power when deciding when and how to work with one another. The divide only exists when one wants to see one. We are all united in some way.

Regardless of how we all view the divided rhetoric, we all agree that there is still hope. We can always still come together. We can still be one nation, indivisible.



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