Eight “Dark Souls” bosses that will make you cry

Hayden Seay, Chattanooga, Tenn. – With Dark Souls III out, a look at some of the most difficult bosses of the series will help with gauging what to expect. Which is endless death. Long gone are the days of running into a boss battle without a plan and miraculously defeating them, these bosses from the first two games require strategy. Otherwise, the tears are real.

Dark Souls
The Four Kings:

There are plenty of ridiculous bosses out there, some are worse than others, but this one is just evil. In order to even reach the boss, you must fight through the ghost and darkwraith-filled New Londo Ruins and then leap into the abyss. Once you land in a pitch black area that makes it seem as if you are floating, the first king appears. Seems simple enough, but the boss is called four kings for a reason, right? If you take too long to take out the first one, another will spawn, until there’s a total of four kings. Taking on four of these at once is not fun.

Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough:

Anor Londo is home to precarious pathways and all sorts of enemies, but nothing compares to Ornstein and Smough. Wearing armor that resembles a lion and wielding a spear, Ornstein is an agile opponent. Smough, an executioner, wields an enormous hammer and is sluggish, but hits hard. Instead of fighting one at a time, you’ve got to take them on together. Once you kill one, the other harnesses their power and grows more powerful.

Gravelord Nito:

If you can survive the Tomb of the Giants, a mostly pitch black area filled with giant skeletons, Gravelord Nito will make sure you don’t make it past him. Nito is a mass of mangled skeletons, complete with a monstrous blade. While he uses melee attacks, he can also conjure a wave of darkness that rushes towards you. If you manage to get away and hide behind a pillar, he’s got you covered as he will attack from underneath you.

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder:

After acquiring the four lord souls, only one major boss remains: Gwyn. While he doesn’t sound nearly as intimidating as the others, he will rush, grab, and throw you into the distance with a ball of fire. He attacks swiftly with his flame infused blade, so you better be ready to dodge.

Dark Souls II
Fume Knight:

This battle is insanity. The knight wields a longsword in one hand, and another that resembles a greatsword made out of stone. His moveset consists of stabbing you over and over again, with barely any time to dodge or plan your next attack.


There’s not much to say about Vendrick besides that he is a hollowed former king who endlessly circles around the chamber where he was forgotten. When you enter the chamber, he initially doesn’t attack you, but if you attack him enough, he will retaliate by killing you in one hit. Despite his frail appearance, if you don’t have any Giant Souls, his health bar is multiplied many times over, to a point where it’s almost impossible to whittle his health away.

Aava, the King’s Pet:

Aava sounds like something you’d name your adorable kitten or puppy, but this king had something else in mind. Aava is a giant, ice-covered sabretooth tiger that will rip you to shreds in order to defend the Ivory King. As if she didn’t already sound terrible enough, she will also be invisible if you haven’t acquired the Eye of the Priestess. In an environment with low visibility due to the blizzard passing through.

Burnt Ivory King:

The first stage of this fight involves fighting off waves of knights, which spawn until you close the portals they spawn from. After that is done, the Burnt Ivory King slowly walks out of a tornado of flames and immediately charges at you. He attacks swiftly and leaps around you, making it hard to anticipate his moves and plan your next attack.

Hayden Seay

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