Fire at EMCS
Small fire big problem: Students stand outside EMCS after it was evacuated due to a fire in the stairwell.

No one was injured in the fire, which was contained in the stairwell between the third and fourth floors of the building and put out without major damage, UTC Police Chief Robert Ratchford said.Chattanooga firefighters said a fire that began Monday in the EMCS building was intentionally set  and a reward is offered for any student with information about the cause of the fire.

However, according to a press release by Bruce Garner, spokesman for the Chattanooga Fire Department, a firefighter was injured when he was forced to use an ax to break a window open and was cut by a shard of glass.

The firefighter was transported to a local hospital by Hamilton County Emergency Responders, where he was treated for his injury and released, Garner said.

Classes resumed at 1 p.m. the day of the fire, approximately two and a half hours after the evacuation of the building.

London Colbert, a Nashville junior, said his class was cancelled due to the fire.

“Smoke quickly filled the upper EMCS building where my next class would have been… That’s when everyone realized it wasn’t so small and that class was officially cancelled,” Colbert said.

A second alarm sounded in the building Wednesday morning.

However, Chuck Cantrell, associate vice chancellor for communication and marketing, said the second alarm was a falsely pulled alarm.

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