By Abigail Frazier, Staff Writer –

Changes to UTC’s student Honor Code and the Student Code of Conduct create a more student focused approach designed for greater efficiency.

According to Faculty Senate President Gretchen Potts, Faculty Senate worked on changing the Honor Code to a three step process.

“The first [step] is where the student and the teacher make a decision and deal with a process on their own. The second is where they can have a full hearing where there are student representatives and also faculty representatives. The third is the opportunity for a student to go basically a one-person judge,” she said.

In these changes, the Faculty Senate focused on bettering the students in their process with using the Honor Code.

“We really wanted to make sure that the student had an opportunity for a fair and quick process,” Potts explained.

With going forward in considering making changes in the Honor Code, Potts and the Faculty Senate found two major concerns.

“The first thing was educating people about it because we didn’t feel that faculty or students understood what the honor code was, even though it is in the student handbook,” Potts explained.

The second thing, “the honor code really needed to be cleaned up. It was very nebulous in how the process was organized. It wasn’t well defined,” she also stated.

According to the updated version on the UTC website, “The Honor Code system is designed to foster a campus-wide climate of honesty and integrity in order to ensure that students derive the maximum possible benefit from their work at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.”

Not only did the Faculty Senate work hard to improve the Honor Code, they also reviewed the updated version of the Student Code of Conduct that originated from Student Development.

Under the leadership of Associate Dean of Students Brett Fuchs, UTC’s student development worked on cleaning up the Student Code of Conduct.

“That was a process because the Student Code of Conduct was also quite messy. It wasn’t well defined, but Brett Fuchs made a large effort to clean that up and that it was better defined,” Potts stated.

With these changes, Faculty Senate worked hard to ensure students were taken care of in their education at UTC.

As defined by Potts herself, “Faculty senate is like any other governing body. It is a group of faculty representatives who help define policy and curriculum as it applies. The faculty owns the curriculum so one of our big things is the curriculum. We also address other issues that the faculty are dealing with,” Potts said.

The faculty has several committees like The Curriculum Committee, General Education Committee, Petition Committee and The Handbook Committee. Each committee consists of faculty from all over UTC’s campus.

“They have a mission of reviewing policy and processes and should they think that something needs to change a specific representative brings those to the senate and the senate reviews that and votes on it,” Potts explained.

According to Potts in regards to Faculty Senate making and reviewing changes to the Honor Code and Student Code of Conduct, “Our biggest concern is to make sure that the students are aware of all their rights and also faculty are aware that students have these rights,” she said.

Faculty Senate ensures that the students and the faculty at UTC are well protected, governed and taken care of through changes like these while also making sure each person at UTC knows how they are taken care of.  

“We have made it a considerate effort here to educate,” she said.

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