Fantastic Food Trucks and Where to Find Them: Rolling J’s Mobile Bistro

Jacob D’Angelo of Rolling J’s bistro sets up shop just outside of Finley Stadium on November 2, 2017. Rolling J’s is available at the stadium every Thursday and will be serving food inside Finley during UTC athletic events (Photo by Troy Stolt).

By Grace Stafford, Assistant Features Editor —

Whether found at Finley Stadium for UTC games, the Chattanooga Market or around town, Rolling J’s Mobile Bistro serves the Chattanooga community a variety of classic Southern sandwiches and sides.

Rolling J’s has been a part of the Chattanooga food truck scene since October 2013 when Jacob D’Angelo first purchased the truck as the next step in his career.

“It has always been a dream of mine to be serving people awesome food in an awesome setting,” said D’Angelo, chef and owner of Rolling J’s. “Food-trucking is really hard work, but it is also a blast once you get the bug as it’s so hard to get rid of it.”

D’Angelo began working in the restaurant business 15 years ago as a line cook and worked up the ladder to reach where he is now.

The foods served at Rolling J’s Mobile Bistro are those that D’Angelo grew up loving and have enjoyed preparing in his career, like the Reuben, the smoked turkey sandwich, pork fries and barbeque. Their sandwiches are made with fresh baked breads from Bluff View Bakery.

“Our mission has always been to add to the Chattanooga food truck scene finding new and useful ways to get great food to people in all situations,” said D’Angelo. “Our combination of great tasting Southern inspired foods with an awesome customer service look and feel is what we look forward to use in all of our food endeavors in the future.”

Rolling J’s is currently running out of a mobile cart instead of their usual truck due to mechanical issues, but they can still be found around town on a regular basis. They are in the concession stand on UTC game days at Finley Stadium, the Chattanooga Market on Sundays and at the new weekly food truck park on Thursdays at Finley for lunch.

Whether supporting Rolling J’s at these events or contributing to their GoFundMe account, everything goes into putting the food truck back on the road. They have reached nearly a third of their goal of $14,000.

“The community has been such a big help to the small business that we are,” said D’Angelo. “We hope this encourages young entrepreneurs to take the risk; if you are truly passionate and hardworking you can be successful, you can have hardships and still be supported by your community.”

SGA’s new resolution that is currently being considered could allow food trucks on city and campus streets. Students talked of their excitement for more food options close to campus.

“I love food trucks because I worked on one in Knoxville, but I just like that they are their own culture,” said Phillip Keifer, a junior from Knoxville. “They’re basically just rolling restaurants and they have great food so I’d be excited to try Rolling J’s.”

Melissa Lopez, a junior from Franklin, Tenn., said, “I’ve had Rolling J’s at the Market on Sundays, and their chicken sandwich was amazing. I’m excited that they’ll be around town more often.”

To know where to find Rolling J’s next, go to their Facebook page:

Grace Stafford

Grace Stafford

Features Editor

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