By Cole Winton—Advertising Manager

When you think of Valentine’s Day, there are a lot of things that come to mind. The necessities such as assortments of flowers, life-sized stuffed animals, cheesy card swaps in grade school, or sweet candies are what stand out.

The most notable of these being Sweetheart candies also known as conversation candies. With phrases such as “Kiss Me,” “Be Mine,” or “Miss You,” these heart shaped treats have become essential to finding your soulmate on this wonderful, or dreadful, holiday. However, is it possible to find love in the air if it’s not on the shelf?

For the first time since 1902, the New England Confectionery Company, or Necco, won’t be selling their staple heart-shaped candies. The company declared bankruptcy and has been bought out by Spangler Candy Company causing the company to take a break for the 2019 Valentine’s Day season.

This has come as a shock to many that choose to celebrate this holiday. In a world where we struggle to interact face to face, this has come as a challenge to most. How will we interact when the words aren’t provided for us? Can we still find the words to say? The answer is yes, but it might take longer than we think.

Spangler plans to have the candies back on the shelf in 2020. This is in order to allow the plant to move and set up properly for next year’s production. However, will Spangler keep the same phrases we have grown to know and love? This reboot poses the possibility for an update—one that I personally think I could enjoy. New phrases that would be fitting for the day and age in which we live might include: “Turns Out You’re Just Fam,” “DM Me,” “DTR,” “Be My GOAT,” or “Enneagram Type?”

With these, the world of love could be back in full swing and better than ever. If you’re having a poor Valentine’s Day, maybe take some of these into consideration and see what they can do for you. Finding a true love doesn’t have to be that hard, but these are sure to help.

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