Fit to Focused: how exercise can improve productivity at work

By Tiffany Closson, Staff Writer—

A typical 9-5 desk job can weigh on your physical and mental health. For Matt Clyne and Casandra Kier, this everyday environment created an opportunity for the perfect business model.


Both Kier and Clyne grew up and worked in New York but when the opportunity to move to Chattanooga presented itself, they couldn’t say no. “We truly fell in love with Chattanooga and it’s abundance of outdoor activities,” Kier said, “it presented itself to be the perfect place to raise a family and to launch a business.”


The goal of Fit to Focused is to provide local businesses with tailored fitness programs to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle in the workplace.


The idea came to light when both Clyne and Kier realized the effects excising had on their mental health. Clyne said, “I worked a 9 to 5 job and could feel the changes at work between weeks I was more active versus less active.”


They talked about their biggest success since the start has been the many connections they have made in such a short period of time. Kier stated, “Starting a business of this nature can be very tough in the beginning but the community has helped to make connections that have been beneficial.”


In the future they hope Fit to Focused can become the “go to” local wellness company for the many growing businesses in Chattanooga, Kier said, “we hope to see all businesses, start – up, corporate, blue collar, etc. starting to invest in their employees and to see how really going to extra mile for your employees health can be greatly beneficial to the company.”

Logan Garrett

Logan Garrett


Logan Garrett hails from Vonore, Tennessee and was named Editor-In-Chief of the University Echo in May 2018. He is a communication major with a psychology and Spanish double minor. Logan is also an associate editor for UReCA, an undergraduate research publication journal. You can reach him at or on twitter @LoganGarrett__.

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