Focusing on the relationships

By Sarah-Grace Battles, Editor-in-Chief–

I’m sure that we have all heard this more times than we can count, but maybe one more time and it will resonate with someone else.

Getting involved on campus is something that is preached to freshmen everywhere. While that’s a good time to get involved, it doesn’t mean that once you have moved into your second and third and even fourth or fifth years that it’s too late.

For those who know me, I am incredibly sentimental in regards to this being my last semester of college, so I will do my best to not get too sappy.

Some organizations I am involved with I jumped into immediately when I transferred here and others took me some time to get involved with, but what I’ve learned from being a part of them and the groups of people I am in them with is something I couldn’t imagine my college experience without. That’s what I want to focus on: the people.

I have grown so much personally, academically and professionally by seeking out new organizations and opportunities to be a part of and I can’t say that has always come easily to me. So if that’s how you feel, don’t worry.

All you can do is explore those facets of involvement and do your best to find the places that you feel the most comfortable and the places you feel will help you become a better person.

The relationships that come from these opportunities that I have had are my most cherished parts of college. No, I’m not talking about romantic relationships, but the friendships and mentorships that I have because of my time here.

Our school and community are filled with people you can learn from, people you can help, people who can make you laugh and people who can change your life. It’s happened to me and I’m sure if you really think about it, it’s happened to you too.

Take the time to make new relationships and foster old ones. You won’t be here forever, so take the time to make every minute count.



Sarah-Grace Battles

Sarah-Grace Battles


Sarah-Grace is a Communication major with a double minor in Political Science and Women’s Studies. She hopes to attend law school after she graduates. When she’s not cheering for Alabama football, she loves to read, be outdoors, try new restaurants and be with her family and friends.

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