By Alina Hunter-Grah, Chattanooga, Tenn. —

Roughly 25 students formed a “Turkey Train” up Cardiac Hill to deliver 17 turkeys to the Chattanooga Food Bank to help feed underprivileged families.

The event, which occurred Nov. 21, was created by Freshman Senate and led by Amanda Morgan Fann, the campus and community service chair for Freshman Senate.

“Holiday time is something that gets everyone excited,” said Morgan Fann. “But very few think of the underprivileged. This gives the families a chance to enjoy the holidays since now they don’t have to worry.”

For the event, Freshman Senate asked students and other organizations to donate either money or turkeys to then be delivered to the Chattanooga Food Bank to help give families around Chattanooga a holiday dinner. Along with the 17 turkeys, Freshman Senate raised around $480. The turkeys and the donations will pay to give _____ families a holiday dinner.

“When clients come in, they always ask for the meat,” said Jon Thurmond, a Chattanooga Area Food Bank Warehouse Associate and truck driver who meets many of the people who come into the food bank, said. “Now they can have turkeys instead of hamburger meat. They can have a family moment.”

The “Turkey Train” was formed a little after 4 p.m. and consisted of about 25 students who passed each of the 17 turkeys up Cardiac Hill to the awaiting food truck.

“We wanted a community aspect,” said Morgan Fann. “That’s why we passed the turkeys.”

In order to help encourage people to give for the event, a trophy was awarded to the person or group that donated the most money or turkeys. The winner of this year’s event went to Sigma Nu which donated about $165.

The trophy will be passed on year to year.




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