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By Kyle Yager, Assistant Sports Editor —

October is upon us, and there’s no reason to hide excitement for the best month of the year. October is the heart of the autumn season, and from its beauty and fun, to its contemplative mood, it can’t last long enough for most of us. Let’s reflect on what makes October so damn good.


As humans, we have a tendency to complain about the weather. The exception is October, where the temperature is literally perfect (generally). From the cool afternoons with a gentle breeze, to the crisp, fresh night air, October is the one month that we can simply appreciate and enjoy being outside on a regular basis.


For us sports fans out there, I feel like we’ve just gotten past the summer dead-zone and are finally getting some authentic sports excitement. Obviously, the overarching influence is the return of football (both college and professional), and most teams have their most enticing slate of games throughout the October weeks.

With the return of America’s most watched sport, it’s also worth noting that America’s past time gets the postseason underway in October as well. The playoffs are the best part of the baseball season, and we get to see it all play out in October.


From delicious tasty treats and cute kids in costumes to pumpkin beer and haunted houses, Halloween brings about some of the best parts of October. The holiday itself is a blast. Whether you’re picking out a really cool costume and trick-or-treating as a kid, or going to parties and get-togethers as a young adult, there’s always a good time to be had. With all the spooky build up with decorations, haunted houses, and costumes, Halloween becomes almost a month long Holiday of fun filled activities.

Fall Fashion

In October, you can literally wear almost anything you want. Whether it’s shorts and a t-shirt, jeans and a sweater, or boots and a light jacket, pretty much everything is appropriate. Additionally, the color schemes of fall fashion are second to none.

The Leaves

The transition of the leaves is something to behold. As they change to beautiful shades of red, gold, and orange, it’s refreshing after a long, green summer. And there’s something about the crunch of leaves under your feet that is so satisfying.

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