By Jason McDaniel, Assistant Sports Editor—

Fall is coming in Chattanooga, but that doesn’t mean that summer can’t be stretched out for all its worth. These are five things that you can do in Chattanooga to get the most out of what’s left of summer.

  1. Go to Clumpies Ice Cream Co. with your friends and then to Coolidge Park on the North Shore. Clumpies has many exciting flavors to choose from, ranging from Key Lime Pie, to Sweet Corn Blueberry, to Raspberry Sorbet.
  2. Visit Sunset Rock. Going here requires a little bit of hiking, but that’s just part of the fun. Not to mention the view once you get to the top, it’s absolutely incredible. Just be careful, you wouldn’t want to fall!
  3. Take a trip to Rock City. Just 23 minutes from campus are the amazing Rock City Gardens. On a 4,100-foot walking trail, you’ll see amazing rock formations, caves, and rich gardens. Once you make it to the top, you’ll be able to see the famous “See Seven States” rock, where you can see Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.
  4. Visit Suck Creek. Although the name might not represent it accurately, Suck Creek is a beautiful little gem just past the Signal Mountain Walmart. You can go and park on the side of the road, then walk into the “creek.” Climb on the rocks, walk over logs, and take a trip as far as you can go up the flowing water.
  5. Go camping. There are many campgrounds in and around Chattanooga, and all of them are perfect destinations once you’ve got the right gear. On the first floor of the Aquatic and Recreation Center on Campus, you can rent out things like tents, camping stoves, kayaks, canoes, and even climbing shoes.

Take advantage of all these wonderful opportunities before summer comes to an end! You can do a lot of these things after summer ends too, but it just might not be the same. Go out there and enjoy your time in Chattanooga!

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