Editorial – Clearly, our generation has some improving to do.

Yes, supposedly we are the most advanced humanity has ever been. We are more educated, healthier and our quality of life is far superior to what it has been.

But, we are still far from perfect. It is 2014 and there is still war, famine, disease and heartache.

We at The Echo don’t think we have the answers to solve the world’s issues. However, we like to think we can try to make this world a better place.

Last week on the Cardiac Hill steps, the small sentence “Look up from your phone” was scribbled in orange chalk. Five tiny words seem so small, yet they can teach so much.

When we walk around campus with eyes glued to our phones and earbuds in our ears, we miss the world around us. Not only do we miss our beautiful campus and city around us, we miss the beautiful people.

Being in the present moment, rather than reading about average life goals on Twitter or stalking your ex-boyfriend and his new fiancé, allows you to grow as a person and our college as a community.

When you actually exchange with those around you, you build community. It may start with just a smile or a kind word, but we all know those bring a little bit of joy.

We all have something in common at the most basic level: we are all humans and part of the UTC community. We are a relational people. Get out of your little world and build relationships.

Stop texting and start living.

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