By Kyle Wente, Staff Writer

On Tuesday afternoon, the new Green Fork Club met in the UC’s Raccoon Mountain Room to deliver keynote addresses and cut the red ribbon on their vision of a more sustainable campus community.

The meeting entailed announcing the fundamentals of the club’s goal and its participation in an ever-changing Chattanooga. Though the club meeting had only six people in attendance, the club’s founder Caleb Jordan is looking ahead.

“My hope is during the beginning of next semester, fall semester, to really just go gung-ho with advertisement, to really get people enrolled in, and try to grow numbers.”

When Jordan transferred to UTC he saw an urgency for Green Fork’s founding both on campus and off. He saw that the city and campus were changing, but not fast enough for those who have already gotten with the times.

“I came to Chattanooga because I kind of saw how Chattanooga turned around from its environmental stuff,” said Jordan, “and really has kept growing because of that. And as such, I kind of wanted to make Green Fork a part of that.”

The club’s primary goal is to spread the message of healthier eating, both as a mindset of the student body and as a part of a greater change on campus within the UC and Crossroads’ food options to better accommodate not only vegans and vegetarians, but people looking to simply eat better.

“Just so long as you’re willing to eat a piece of broccoli, we’re willing to have you,” Jordan said.

Green Fork’s focus is to be a communal initiative that avoids being “aggressive” in its beliefs on the contrary to groups like PETA. Jordan stressed the focus of egalitarianism in the promotion of the club’s ideas and within the very structure of the club interactions.

“We really want to make this community, make you guys feel like a part of this community,” Jordan said, “So, whatever you guys think this community needs for that to happen, just please let me know. I’m open to any and all suggestions.”

The Green Fork Club has a MocsSync account, as well as Facebook and Instagram pages that will promote its message and serve as news boards for future events.

“We all come under the same mantra of ‘we want to eat better. We want to eat healthier,’” said Jordan, “When we go into the POD Market, instead of getting three days’ worth of beef jerky, we want to get an apple, an orange, some celery, some carrots, and be on our merry way.”


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