Handshake Provides Online Career Services to UTC Students

By Samantha Carr, Staff Writer —

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Achieving the title of leading early talent network this past January, HandShake allows college students to level the playing field in searching for internships, part-time jobs and career opportunities.

According to their website, Handshake “helps students, all students, find meaningful careers”. By offering nine million career opportunities with over 200,000 employers, Handshake connects college students with the right career field for each student in each major.

Director of University Career Services Robert Liddell sees the value and importance of students taking advantage of this new platform.

“Handshake will help UTC students identify, join, and grow their emerging career community. Students who are clarifying their interests, seeking out experience and transitioning to professional roles and communities will find a wealth of help in Handshake,” Liddell said.

On the UTC Handshake network there are currently 1,639 jobs and internships available from 2,067 employers. By investing a little time into developing a Handshake profile, students at UTC could find multiple career opportunities as close as Downtown Chattanooga.

Michigan Tech students Garrett Lord, Ben Christensen and Scott Ringwelski developed Handshake in June 2014.  They discovered that the majority of internships and job opportunities that appealed to them were several hundred miles away.

By setting out to create a recruiting platform that would put students on even footing by leveraging technology, Handshake was born. Five years later, this development is the leading platform in its field.

With a design interface that looks like LinkedIn and Netflix, students from more than 500 colleges and universities are using Handshake as their navigation tool for career information and business connections.

Handshake provides a highly personalized list of job recommendations based on a variety of data points about each user. Whether those data points be a major or job aspiration, Handshake does all the work by finding connections and matches.

There are many websites that can help you find a job or internship, but Handshake enables students to lead with their skills, their developed abilities, and their attraction to solving larger problems for organizations and communities.

From event registration to appointment requests, Handshake can serve as a one-stop for all career building and campus career center needs. Students are also provided with an opportunity to link their social media platforms directly to their profile as a way of adding to their resume and sharing more about themselves.

For more information about UTC’s personal Handshake network, the University Career Services is willing to help connect students with all the opportunities available to them.

Logan Garrett

Logan Garrett


Logan Garrett hails from Vonore, Tennessee and was named Editor-In-Chief of the University Echo in May 2018. He is a communication major with a psychology and Spanish double minor. Logan is also an associate editor for UReCA, an undergraduate research publication journal. You can reach him at Logan-Garrett@mocs.utc.edu or on twitter @LoganGarrett__.

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