By Katie Haremski, Features Editor

“The Haunting of Hill House,” was released on Friday, Oct. 12. The Netflix original has received praise after praise as a horror packed 10 episode season. Not only was it released just in time to get Netflix users in the Halloween spirit, this show tackles a hard and often times, discomforting subject: death.

My roommate and I came across this show on a cold and rainy night and five hours later, we were halfway through the season. The storyline is written in a beautifully unique way that unravels a family’s story. As a viewer, you not only catch a glimpse of past and present horrors, the creators of this show invite the audience to feel through each event.

Whether you like the horror genre, this show offers emotional engagement that can appease those that typically wouldn’t want to watch a show like this. This show was crafted in a truly beautiful fashion. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry once… or twice. Meanwhile, for those who genuinely like the horror genre, you’re in for a real treat. The dark twists really dwell up high emotion and adrenaline.

The storyline follows a family of seven through childhood to present day who once lived in what later became America’s most haunted house. While the Hill House was only meant to be temporary, that family will never forget that house… An unexpected death brings the family together which forces them to face prices of their past.

I have high hopes for a second season and with a 92 percent rating for the show currently, maybe we really will see a second season. Either way, there’s nothing better than getting in the Halloween mood than by watching an eerie show such as “The Haunting of Hill House.” While I can’t promise you won’t have a nightmare or two. It’s worth it. Seriously, just check out.

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