By Alyssa Martin—Features Editor


Over the past few years, many women have come into the public eye, telling stories and sharing experiences about past decisions to abort fetuses.

These testimonies have started the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate, and each person on either side of the spectrum is very passionate about their beliefs and have various logics to back up their opinion.

These differentiating points of view have been brought into light with recent laws that have been passed.

Last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York signed a law which allows women to have a late term abortion. Since the new law was implemented, many U.S. states have taken action. Some of which have proposed similar laws to New York’s; other states, such as Tennessee, have proposed laws banning abortion if a heartbeat is detected.

Apart from states proposing and implementing laws, many citizens have also expressed opinions regarding the recent laws on various social media platforms.

For most pro-choice supporters, they believe that government officials do not and should not have the ability to tell women what to do with her bodies. For most pro-life supporters, they tend to fall on religious beliefs and mostly believe it is inhumane to kill a child and strip them from the life they one day may have.

Many pro-life supporters also use the statement, “If you don’t want a child, somebody else will. Don’t kill the child, allow someone to adopt them,” or something very similar. However, did you know that last year there were over 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care systems?

Did you know that 17,900,000 children were orphaned around the world in 2017?

These numbers are ridiculously high. This is not to say that Americans do not adopt children. In fact, in 2012 U.S. families adopted more than 7,000 children. There are just not enough people willing to adopt, yet they hold the opinion that putting a child in foster care to potentially be put with an unloving, abusive family is a better alternative.

There are many reasons as to why people do not adopt: financial state, the expensive process, an unwillingness to take on the responsibility, or thinking they are unsuitable to do so.

If everyone has this mindset and are unwilling to open their homes, yet believes that children should be saved rather than aborted, then foster homes will be overflowing and even more children would be on the streets.

It is impossible to hold an opinion of abortion being illegal and yet not be willing to adopt the children our laws and efforts are trying to save.

Human rights should save as many lives as possible, but they should not be saved just to be destroyed a few short years later by the same people who fought to save them.

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  1. How about not have sex, use birth control, or take responsibility for your actions? These are the choices we have as women. Murder should NEVER be one of them.

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