By Adam Stephens, Chattanooga, TN– As a student who lives on campus and is trying to lose weight the convenience of food on campus is the best way to go when you are looking for a meal instead of driving and wasting gas.

But in my opinion, UTC does not offer enough healthy choices for students trying to shed those few extra pounds. Besides the new Garden Fresh bar in the University Center, select Subway items and the salad bar in Crossroads, nothing at UTC screams fresh and healthy.

Also since I live on campus the University requires me to purchase a large on-campus meal plan, which forces me to eat on campus. I don’t want to lose that money that I spent, so I must use it.

There are many options I think that UTC can take to even out the balance of fast food to quality food.

Instead of renewing a contract with one of the companies that supplies UTC with fast food, the University could put in a more healthy choice like a Smoothie King.

This would help give students a more healthy choice instead of a less healthy choice like pizza or hamburgers.

One of the biggest things about working out and losing weight is that you need to eat within at least 30 minutes after a work out or you lose at least 50% of what you did lifting weights.

If UTC were to put a small student-run Smoothie King in the University Center or the ARC that took meal plans it would help the school get on the right side of a campus full of healthy students.

The ARC could also take advantage of this and open a small supplement shop inside which would bring in revenue for UTC.

In addition to a Smoothie King on campus, the University could also put in a GNC inside the ARC.  The GNC store could be a great opportunity for the health and human performance department to give its students a bit of experience in helping people with their personal goals.

Healthy food choices are not the only thing that UTC can do to help students.

Many UTC students take advantage of intramural sports on campus, but for some who live off campus, the sports are not advertised enough around campus to reach every student.

If UTC would advertise them a little more they might have an even bigger turnout than they already do. UTC should care about the health of its students and help them meet their personal goals.

I think a university wanting to take care of its students should not only be an afterthought but a major deal.

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