Connor Allen crowd surfs during the Harbor show on Nov. 10. Photo by Peyden Valentine.

By Heather Newlin, Copy Editor —

On Friday, Nov. 10, Chattanooga alt. rock band, Harbor, played a farewell show and released their final album, “Two Hours With Wayne Scott,” in the sweatiest house show packed with friends and fans I’ve ever seen.

“We decided to have this album release show exactly where it should be: in a living room in Highland Park,” they said.

After three years together, band members John Gibbs, Gray Cohen, John Intemann, Jeffrey Douglas and Wes Gibson have released two complete albums and grown a city-wide following. This farewell show was an inevitable end to a really good thing: the boys of Harbor are moving in separate ways as they pursue masters degrees and marriages.

After “Two Hours With Wayne Scott” dropped on Monday the 6th, the excitement for the show spread as far as Texas; A gofundme campaign was started in the week leading up to the show to get Robert Marshall, close friend of the band, to Chattanooga from Texas for the show.

“The whole thing actually started out as a joke between me and Robert,” said Connor Allen, who made the gofundme. “We put it up to be funny, and I looked at it the next afternoon and there was about 100 dollars in there, and then I started to think it might actually work, so we started pushing for it.”

In the end, 28 donations combined to raise enough money for Marshall to fly to Chattanooga from Texas, and his presence warranted a reunion set from Marshall’s band, Stepfathers.

The show opened with Larry and Gray Cohen, followed by Sinai Vessel and Stepfathers and then closed out by Harbor.

The sentimental night felt anything but sad- the bands were phenomenal and the show was a great one to end on.

To check out Harbor’s music, head over to Bandcamp or Spotify.

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