By Hannah Lazar

Chattanooga, TN–Former accounting professor Stan Davis, who died unexpectedly last week, is missed by many of his friends, students and colleagues.

Davis, who was a professor in the college of business, served as the accounting department head for five years, Joanie Sompayrac, professor of accounting, said.

Sompayrac said Davis was well-liked by all of his colleagues and friends.

She said she and others went to his house the day after he died to pay their respects, and it was a very sad occasion.

Chuck Cantrell, associate vice chancellor for University relations, said it is always a tragedy to lose a member of the UTC faculty.

A thread on the LinkedIn group UTC College of Business includes many colleagues, former and current, who expressed their deep feelings of sadness for losing Davis.

Katie Strickland, an alumna of UTC, said she was very sad to hear of his passing.

“He always had such a great sense of humor and not only wanted his students to understand accounting, but excel in every aspect of their life…He truly was a stand up guy with a passion for teaching,” she said.

Jim Ebel, a former employee of the college of business, said Davis had a real passion for accounting.

“I know that UTC has lost a great teacher and will miss him,” he said.

Eric Bovee, a Chattanooga senior and accounting major, said he had known Davis for about a year and held him in high respect.

“In the brief time that I had the honor of knowing Dr. Davis, I can say this about him; there is no one who had a more genuine desire to see their students excel, both in and out of the classroom, than Dr. Stan Davis,” he said. “Stan has been a huge inspiration to me, and undoubtedly to many others as well.”

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