By Nora Cooper, Staff Writer —

The first week of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s fall semester began with a welcome week full of activities for both new and returning students. 

Welcome week featured many fun activities for students, each sponsored by a different organization at UTC. 

On Monday, the Aquatic and Recreation Center Pool held Liquid Light Party— a pool party with lights and music. Emma Meeker, a new freshman at UTC, said that the pool party was the highlight of her first week at UTC. 

“Everywhere was pretty crowded, but that kind of made it better,” Meeker said. “It made me feel like I finally belonged with the students here.” 

Samorra Branch, also a freshman, went to Tuesday’s Acoustic Karaoke as a part of her first week at UTC. Despite rain moving the karaoke event from Chamberlain field to the University Center, Branch said she was enjoying the Welcome Week activities. 

“This was the most fun I’ve had,” said Branch at the end of the event.  

Welcome Week at UTC had many other events on the schedule, including the Headphone Disco, sponsored by the Disability Resource Center and Mosaic, Thursday’s Food Truck Festival, and a Friday night comedy show featuring Trein Tran and Jaboukie Young-White, which proved very popular among the students.

Once during the show, a group of audience members even taught Tran how to make the UTC “Power C.” 

Reid Leidheiser, also an incoming Freshman, said that the various activities available during his first week made college special. 

“The welcome week gave me chance to hang out with my new roommates and get to know them,” Leidhesier said. “That part of it was really cool.”

Meeker, like many other students, said that she was nervous being on campus for the first time because she did not know what to expect. Welcome Week gave her the confidence she needed and a great first experience as an official student at UTC. 

“After my first week, I can confidently say that coming to UTC was the right choice for me,” said Meeker.



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