IT department helps students fix technology problems

By Farin Cloyd, Contributing Writer –

UTC’s Information Technology department can fix technological issues from software to hardware and everything in between.

Employees of the department typically include UTC students and alumni- often majoring in computer science and engineering, Kaine Kelley, a recent graduate of UTC, said. He has worked for the IT department for three years, previously as a student and now as an alumnus.

“The IT department manages all technology for the main campus,” Kelley said.  The department services and supports any UTC owned hardware including any technology administered to faculty. The department can also service any student owned hardware, which Kelley said mainly refers to laptops and computer systems.

“We can do anything all the way down to hardware level repair,” said Kelley.

The most common issue brought to the IT department is computer viruses and MacBook issues specifically.

“MacBooks, especially older MacBooks, have failing hard drive cables and failing parts. General part installation and software installation is pretty common,” said Kelley.

Another issue IT employees see is network registration, Kelley said.  To connect to the campus wi-fi, the user must register and authenticate their devices.

Kristin Clayton, a junior from Milan, Tennessee said, “When I moved in freshman year, I went to the IT department to get the wi-fi set up on my phone and laptop.”

According to Kelley, the department receives the most clients at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

“Everyone gets to campus and needs to register their devices, so we are very, very busy. We have several thousand kids come through here alone, not counting the call center,” Kelley said.

The IT Department is located in Pfieffer 105 and is open seven days a week. The department welcomes walk-ins from any UTC student or faculty member who needs assistance.


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Kirsten Raper

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