Ashley Closson, Chattanooga, Tenn., — The “It’s On Us” campaign at UTC aims to shift the way students think about sexual assault and invites them to help put an end to it.
The Social Issues, Equity and Diversity committee worked to bring the “It’s On Us” campaign to UTC.
“Students are becoming more aware of the gravity of this issue on our campus and in our community, and through events like this, we are giving them the tools to put an end to it,” said Kelsey Weaver, Social Issues, Equity and Diversity chairwoman. “Additionally, Chancellor Angle has made a commitment to ending bystander behavior at UTC through a campus-wide program called Step-Up. We are supportive of that program and are excited at the opportunity to be more involved with that initiative as well.”
In early October, the committee was approached by Generation Progress, a millennial policy group operating under the Center for American Progress, to take part in the “It’s On Us” campaign. The first National Week of Action was Nov. 17.
During that week, they had a table in the UC, informed students of the campaign and had students sign the “It’s On Us” pledge to end sexual assault.
Weaver said the feedback from students has been amazing and some even supported the campaign before it was brought to UTC. The campaign has spread across the nation as people are becoming more open to talking about sexual assault.
Tovia Smith, a reporter with National Public Radio, said, “As efforts increase around the nation to combat campus sexual assault, one aspect of prevention seems to confound schools the most: how to warn students about staying safe without sounding like they’re blaming the victim.”
Smith’s article claims in past times the victim was often blamed for the sexual assault because of the way he/she dressed or if he or she had consumed alcohol at the time of the assault. Now that people are talking about the issue more, victim blaming is becoming less acceptable.
Students can sign the pledge to be an advocate of preventing sexual assault at

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