By Briana Brady, Asst. Features Editor–

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. is a play by Alice Birch that vividly, realistically, and bluntly portrays what it means to be a feminist. Performed at UTC this weekend, this experimental, multi-dimensional work is one that centers around the revolutionizing of stereotypes and current issues that mean different things to different people. 

Covering topics from rape and sexual assault (for which the show has issued an advisory), to climate change, to the multifaceted definitions of modern feminism, Revolt intends to convey through a comedic, raw, and often emotional lens the ways in which women interact in society and can fundamentally change it through language, work, relationships, and day-to-day interactions.

UTC senior Katey Dailey spoke about the ways in which she contributed to the show through her role as Assistant Director and what larger social context she sees the play fitting into. 

As Assistant Director, Dailey describes herself as someone who works a lot with props both behind-the-scenes and on stage (the show features a large rainbow assortment of recycled prom dresses!), observes and critiques rehearsals, and assists the Director, Blake Harris, by providing her opinion regarding aspects of the show which she feels could be changed or improved. During the actual performances of Revolt, she mostly stays backstage, helping to make sure things run smoothly.

In thinking about the audience the play might appeal to, Dailey suggests all college students, and especially women and feminists, come see the show. She hopes all viewers will notice pieces of themselves, their identities, and their experiences in the various lines spoken throughout the performance. 

“The show can mean different things to different people,” she explains. “It’s a play where you’re like yes, of course, that’s exactly what has been said to me, or that’s exactly what that means to me.” According to Dailey, in differing ways over the course of the show, the actors depict an overall theme: “how women are oppressed…and their bodies taken advantage of…over generations.”

The premiere of this piece on UTC’s campus was a monumental occasion: not only did it mark the first time the play was put on in Tennessee, but it also commemorated the 30th anniversary of UTC’s Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program. Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. took place in Cadek Hall on UTC’s campus and admission costed $15. The show ran from August 22nd-August 25th and began each night at 7:30pm.


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