LeadUTC to kickoff this weekend

By Trevor Reese, Staff Writer –

Approximately 20 students will be heading to Camp Lookout in Rising Fawn, Ga. from Feb. 10-12th to attend the student leadership program LeadUTC.

Attendees will stay the weekend at the camp and participate in activities meant to hone their leadership skills and grow personal development.

Katrina Garcia is a graduate student from Miami, Florrida who attended the program last year. She discussed her experience and what the camp focuses on to expand students’ leaderships skills.

“We talked a lot about not only the ecosystem and the club organizations part of UTC, but we also did a lot of individual activities to determine what our priorities and skills were in respect to our leadership styles,” said Garcia.

Associate Dean of Students and one of the Program Coordinators for LeadUTC, Daniel Grzesik, said students enjoy the camp for the opportunity to meet new people and grow their network along with developing leadership skills.

“Basically it’s a lot of experiential learning, so a lot of activities a lot of small groups. We talk a lot about leadership. We talk a lot about how to make a change within your organizations, and we talk about what’s important to you as a person,” Grzesik said.

Caroline Waldron is a junior from Maryville, Tennessee who greatly valued her time spent at the program last year.

“Lead UTC was one of the best programs I went to, just because the people and the format of it,” she said.

She also said that LeadUTC splits up people who would normally cluster together.

“Say two different people from the same sorority applied, they would try to make sure they were in different groups,” she said. “So that [way] people can be more vulnerable.”

One of the only complaints Waldron had with her time at Camp Lookout was that nearly all the attendees were women.

She said, “Because it was all female we didn’t really get to have that diversity side in it, so it was very female-centric.” She added that she wished more male applicants would actually attend.

When asked for advice for future attendees she said, “I would say go in with an open mind and be ready to talk about hard things and learn about who you are.”

Kirsten Raper

Kirsten Raper

News Editor

Kirsten is an English major with a minor in Communication. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and going to concerts.

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