Eleanor Angel, Chattanooga, Tenn. –Pints and Pedals is a 15-seater bike, also known as a “party on wheels,” that travels all around Downtown or Southside for an evening of fun.

Contributed photo by Pints and Pedals
Contributed photo by Pints and Pedals

The echo friendly bike is completely powered by humans. “The driver steers and breaks and the fifteen people on the bike pedal,” Sidney Beal, Marketing Intern, said.

It all started when a group of locals had a vision and wanted to make it happen. “It started with an idea, they all went in and bought this bike,” Beal said.

Passengers may choose to either go all around the Southside or Downtown, visiting bars and restaurants all along the way.

Ellen Smith, senior from Knoxville, said “It looks like a fun thing to do outdoors, exploring the city, while still engaging in conversation and community around you.”

“We have specials at most restaurants that we go to,” Beal said. She said almost all of the restaurants offer a drink special to the groups arriving on the Pints and Pedals Bike. Some restaurants offer deals on appetizers as well.

“The bike is great for birthday parties or just a night out with friends and many other events,” Beal said. Other suggested events include Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, Graduation celebrations and company or retirement parties.

The cost of and evening on the bike is $250 for all 15 spots on the bike or $25 per person for smaller groups.

“It’s always just fun and exciting,” Beal said. “We’re really excited because, as it warms up outside,

Contributed photo by Pints and Pedals
Contributed photo by Pints and Pedals

more and more people are wanting to go on a tour.”

Rachel Scott, senior from Nashville said “I think it would be fun to feel the wind in my hair while getting some pedals pumping in preparation for beer bumping.”

Beal said “We would love to have more and more students get involved.” Beal encourages students to try it out and take a ride.

There are also options available for students to get involved on the flip side by working or interning with Pints and Pedals.

For more information about Pints and Pedals, visit their website at pintsandpedals.com or facebook page entitled Chattanooga Pints and Pedals.

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