Sarah Inman, Chattanooga, Tenn. – Artists from Chattanooga and beyond have the pleasure of sharing their passions and talents in an old fashioned dinner and a show kind of way.

Fresh food and live music are two defining characteristics for Puckett’s.

Tyler Ham, a musician in a family band who has played countless shows at all of
Puckett’s locations and currently runs sound for Chattanooga’s location, gives insight on what is special about Chattanooga’s Puckett’s.

“Puckett’s does a good job with set-ups for sound. They try to keep the same sound, they want what comes out of the speaker to showcase a musician, not just project their voice,” said Ham.

“Puckett’s does a good job getting musicians that are family friendly too. Not to mention you can still have a conversation while having dinner without getting drowned out by the band,” said Ham.

Ham goes on to say that “The performers I have run sound for have said Puckett’s was ‘unlike any other place to perform at’ and they feel like they can showcase their talent and be appreciated for it. It makes them as musicians feel more confident which encourages them to keep playing.”

Singer-song-writers will be glad to know that there is a homey place ready to help them make connections and find their own sound.

Take a seat and enjoy the show.


Puckett’s adds to city’s music scene

Hayden Seay, Chattanooga, Tenn. – Puckett’s offers a venue for emerging musicians and songwriters to perform live in front of a crowd.

Puckett’s music scene began with the opening of its first store in a small town called Leiper’s Fork, Tenn. Andy Marshall, the owner of Puckett’s, sold his grocery stores after finding the business was not for him, and opened up several country stores in middle Tennessee.

He took the shelves out of the front of the store and turned it into a counter service restaurant, where he began cooking meals.

“He started asking, “Hey, look, if I can pay you $100, $200 bucks and do a songwriter round, would you be interested in that?” said Max Stephenson, the General Manager of Puckett’s of Chattanooga. “What he would do on those nights is cook up a special menu of [more] high end entrees and do what he called dinner and a show.”

Since the store was located in a small town and needed business, he decided to make it into a place that people would travel to and hear live music.

“The music scene grew organically out of that first store, and continued into the other stores,” said Stephenson. “On Friday and Saturday nights, we still continue the tradition of dinner and a show, and we’re hoping that it will take off here.”

Friday nights are band night, where rock n’ roll and soul music is played, and Saturday nights are called “Tennessee” or “Nashville Songwriters,” where songwriters such as Buddy Jewell, Wynn Varble and Billy Yates take the stage.

“For our ribbon cutting, we had this great local blue grass couple of guys, they actually found him walking across the parking lot,” said Stephenson. “He was carrying his fiddle and I just yelled at him and got his name and card.”

The restaurant also searches for local musicians to offer them a chance to play, covering a wide variety of genres.