By Dr. Steven Angle, UTC Chancellor–

Welcome to 2020 and a new decade at UTC!  As I look at what is in store for UTC in the coming decade, I need to first examine how we got to where we are.  Just a few short years ago, UTC did not have its magnificent new library and Chamberlain Field was a sea of mud and weeds. 

The past decade saw the conversion of Chamberlain Field into an outdoor gathering space where students can relax, study, and participate in all types of events and interests.  We witnessed the construction of the UTC Library and the renovation of the Guerry Center. And, the transformation continues as Lupton Hall undergoes renovation of its three floors and nearly 120,000 square feet.  What a great way to start the new decade.  

The combination of Lupton Hall, the University Center, the Guerry Center, and the UTC Library establishes a central hub of activity for our students around Chamberlain Field.  Bounded by newly landscaped Oak and Vine Streets, UTC has countless places for students to hang out, talk, interact, have fun, and feel welcome. UTC is becoming an even more vibrant, student friendly university.

When I look at UTC’s future and where we will go in the coming decade, I see a university of students working together with faculty, staff, alumni, and community members solving practical, real-world problems.  Problems that impact Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the nation. Experiential-learning – applying classroom lessons to solve problems and improve the quality of life – will be complemented by the opportunity for students to talk with other students, exchange beliefs, concepts, experiences, and learn about the world through the eyes of others.  

Our priority as educators is student success.  Classroom experiences are an important part of the college experience, but there is so much more:  just as important are the opportunities to help those in need, to get to know people you would never come into contact with, to solve problems some think unsolvable, and ultimately to make a difference in this world.  

The last decade has seen us provide space for students to meet, interact, and participate in organizations and activities, as they grow as individuals.  The next decade is one where our students will take this opportunity to define what a complete university education is all about. They will define themselves and who we are as an institution.  

The coming decade will see us shape and mold UTC into a better institution by connecting with our community and providing an outstanding educational experience for every student.  We have the physical space, but it is each and every one of us, working together as a community of scholars and concerned people that define UTC. We are a university where students have the opportunity to engage, participate and flourish; a university with places for students to share ideas and work in partnership; a university that will leave a lasting impact on our students.  Our students define our future, our students are the source of the heartbeat of our campus. Our students are the reason we exist as an institution.  

I am honored to serve as your Chancellor, and I wish all of you a great 2020 – and I look forward to the new decade with excitement and anticipation.  Together we are the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga!

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