Mainx24 is an annual festival that includes over 100 events. The goal of the festival is to bring Chattanooga’s residents and businesses together for 24 hours a day.

Emma Culp, Chattanooga, Tenn. – Looking to experience international cuisine without leaving the city? Chattanooga’s Annual Mainx24 Event will host the International Food Market on Dec. 3, 2016.

Stephanie Hays and Peter Woolcock brought the market to Mainx24 after living abroad for several years and finding their longing for the diverse cuisine they discovered in China, the UK and India.

“The goal of the market is, most importantly, to celebrate our diverse community while bringing people together over food, but we are also eager to emphasize that there is demand in Chattanooga for a more diverse food scene and encourage people to eat/cook outside their comfort zone,” said Hays in a press release.

For their second year, the market is partnering with “Coming to America,” an organization made up of Chattanooga’s refugee and immigrant communities that values the idea of an inclusive American society.

“Food is a unifying element worldwide — a key ingredient in telling stories. Displaced communities often find solace in breaking bread, and unifying our struggles and progress through a discourse that offers goodwill, companionship, and identity,” says Saša Hasanbegović; co-founder of the organization, in a press release.

Cuisine from Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Ethiopia and the Dominican Republic will be featured, but the market is continuing to recruit vendors to expand the experience for attendees.

The second annual International Food Market will take place at the Bluegrass Grill on Saturday, Dec. 3 from 4-6 p.m.

Addie Whitlow, Chattanooga, Tenn. – In addition to the International Market, Mainx24 also has many other food- and non-food-related activities.

Some of the most popular events include the EPB Southside Parade, the Do Good For a Dog Friendly Mutt Strut, the Adult Big Wheel Race and the Chili Cook-Off.

Mainx24 is an annual festival that has been held on Chattanooga’s Southside since 2007.

The goal of the festival is to paint a picture of Chattanooga as a 24-hour city. The festival also strives to bring all of Chattanooga together to celebrate the area’s residents and businesses.

When the festival began, it consisted of 34 events on the intersection of Main Street and Rossville Avenue. However, Mainx24 now includes over 100 events that span the entire length of Main Street.

The festival will also be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary of partying on the Southside this year.

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