By Mary Kate Sheppard, Staff Writer

UTC has already proven that Mocs can fly, especially abroad.

On Wednesday, September 4th, the UTC Study Abroad program hosted a fair in the Tennessee room from 11:00 am to 2:00pm. The Tennessee Room was packed with tables, each one offering a different experience and plan for students interested in studying abroad.

Some of the programs present at the fair included USAC, The School of Field Studies, KEI, Academic Programs International, International Studies Abroad, and many others. Students were welcomed to jump from table to table, discussing the programs available to them.

Free swag such as pens, stickers, and round pins were at every table. Additionally, students who managed to visit five different fair tables were eligible to receive a free study abroad t-shirt.

Along with the informational sessions, students, faculty, and staff were also invited to explore the taste that study abroad provides. Tables were set up that featured diverse foods laid out, each one from a different country. The foods varied, some being from Russia while some from Japan. Included in the variety of foods was an especially delicious Argentinian delicacy called a puff-puff, which is a type of cinnamon dessert. 

Hannah Mesecher is a UTC student who attended the fair this year. She explained that she learned of the fair by attending International Tea Time earlier in the semester and was excited to learn more about the opportunities available to her at the University.

“I learned that there are a lot of opportunities for history majors to study abroad,” Hannah expressed, “I plan on studying abroad soon.”

However, studying abroad often comes with a global price tag. Despite this reality, UTC are well-positioned to find suitable programs because its study abroad programs offer a plethora of scholarships that make it realistic for students to travel and learn on a cross-cultural level.

Hannah also commented on this aspect of the program, saying, “I really enjoyed that the financial advisor was there to talk about scholarships with everyone. She gave me some super useful information.”

All in all, the fair demonstrated many of the opportunities that students at UTC can take advantage of during their time at the University. To see all the available study abroad programs and access more detailed information, visit the UTC Study Abroad website, at

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