Coolidge Park on Monday, April 9 , 2018. Coolidge Park will host the Moon River Festival. (photo by Cade Deakin)

By Emma Culp, Staff Writer —

Chattanooga is the new home to the Moon River Festival making the city an even more prominent tourist destination.

The Moon River Festival, originally held in Memphis, is a two day music festival with a lineup of over 20 bands. The music festival was founded by artist Drew Holcomb in 2014 and became a nationally known and anticipated event.

This year, the festival will be held on Saturday, September 8 at Coolidge Park providing more space for the event as compared to previous years.

Tickets to the festival sold out in eight hours, happily surprising the festival’s staff and members apart of the incredible lineup. The festival will be held at Coolidge Park where attendees can experience artist such as Judah and the Lion, the Head and the Heart and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors while looking across the river at the beautiful architecture of the Hunter Museum.

Music Marketing Manager for the festival Mary Howard Ade is excited to see the audiences reaction to the lineup.

“It’s going to highlight the music and culture of TN,” said Ade. “It’s an incredible lineup.”

The bands playing at the festival present their music and sound different from one another, but can be generally described as Americana-type music. From two different stages, artist will alternate performances so that the audience can have the ideal listening experience and environment. Ade is thrilled to have another year of incredible talent coming together in one location for locals and those who travel to see the artist.

“The list just goes on and on in terms of the quality of the artist that will be playing,” said Ade.

According to Ade, more than 60 percent of the general audience are not residents of Chattanooga which further validates the need to increase the performance space and the prominence of the festival across the U.S.

When asked what Ade’s favorite part about the event was, she found it hard to choose just one part of the festival. In addition to the lineup, the variation of music from each individual band is something she believes everyone is looking forward to.  

“I think it’s a really strong range of music,” said Ade, “that’s probably the most exciting part to me.”

The family friendly event will also have fun activities for families along with food vendors for a quick bite to eat between performances.

Although tickets are sold out, Ade encourages hopeful attendees to keep an eye out for tickets second hand to experience the brand new performance location.

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