More restaurants mean more vegetarian meals

By Devon Crews, Staff Writer


Steak ‘n Shake and Panda Express are now two new additions to the University Center that make sure every taste bud is left satisfied by featuring vegetarian menu options.


Steak ‘n Shake replaces Burger Studio, and Panda Express will be replacing Asian Express.


Lindsey Butler, a sophomore from Smyrna, Tennessee, is a self-proclaimed vegetarian and said she originally chose to be a vegetarian due to health reasons.


“I felt that meat was unhealthy because of things like the hormones put into chicken to make them grow,” Butler said.


She started to do more research and the results swayed her into committing to a vegetarian lifestyle even more.


“I learned how cruel the animals were treated and the way they were killed,” Butler said. “It was inhumane and I couldn’t support something like that.”


Butler then went on to explain how there are many occurrences where she wanted to eat out with friends but struggled to find foods that appeal to her needs.


“There aren’t that many places that offer good vegetarian options.”


Megan Corcoran, Aramark’s marketing manager, said that Aramark, the company providing the restaurants at UTC, strives to meet the needs of students just like Butler.


“Aramark constantly seeks ways to understand its consumers and meet their various nutrition needs and dietary preferences,” Corcoran said.


She explained Aramark “works closely with suppliers, dietitians, chefs, and consumers” to make and provide the right choices for the customers.


“We employ a team of world-class culinarians and registered dieticians to create our innovative menu items that reflect how students eat on campus and offer foods that fit into their own style,” Corcoran said.


Aramark is constantly meeting with students to gain insight on the different needs and requests.


Corcoran said as a result of the feedback given, they have implemented more vegetarian options on college campuses.


Butler expressed her excitement and appreciation of Aramark’s efforts.


“I’m super excited about Panda Express because there are more options for vegetarians on campus,” Butler said.  “It’s not perfect but it’s better than before.”

Sylvia Shipman

Sylvia Shipman

Social Media Manager

  1. Let’s review the options. Steak & Shake has a grilled cheese sandwich, but no veggie burger. Grilled cheese is not an option for a lactose tolerant vegetarian. Panda Express has no vegetarian entree option, just sides of vegetable fried rice and vegetable chow mein – at the same price as a meat bowl option. Oh, wait, there are veggie spring rolls. Where is the vegetarian protein option of a tofu featured dish? This is a misleading heading for an article with no substantial research about the obvious loss of vegetarian options available on campus.

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