By Isabella Patta, Staff Writer —

The University’s Society of Professional Journalism, a communications club for students who want more journalistic experience, was just recently approved by the SGA to be an official organization on campus.

Dr. Zibluk, department head of Communication, said, “This whole thing is about giving [students] the opportunity to interact with professionals that goes behind internships and classes.”

“What was appealing to me is that it’s a safe space for discussion on a variety of topics,” said former Secretary of the club, Ashley Closson, a Chattanooga native who graduated in December 2016. “We had a few events last semester that were debate watch parties and we would talk about different aspects of the debates with a journalistic mindset, so it didn’t matter your political beliefs.”

Members of the club can decide what events they would like to do. The options have included seminars, talks from local professionals or tours at the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

The next meeting will be a tour of the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

“I hope to see the club expand in the future with more interested students from all majors that would like to be involved and have an interest in journalism,” Closson said. “I would also love to see the organization host more events that are fun and also inform students about the organization and its goals.”

The club currently does not have elected officers, but these positions will be filled within the next few weeks. As of now, the club has a core group of about 12 students.

It is open to anybody who is interested in being a part of a communication run organization.

“It’s important to get students engaged with each other outside of the classroom,” Dr Zibluk said. “We want to give the maximum opportunities to [students] to develop personally and professionally.”

Another club, the Public Relations Student Society of America, is planned as a next step for students to get involved with their major or their passion outside of the classroom.

The PRSSA will work within the campus, as well as bridge to Public Relations outside of campus, Dr. Zibluk said.

If interested in joining the Society of Professional Journalists, email Dr. Ziblulk at

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