Officers shaking hands
Protect and serve: New UTC Police Officer DeAngelo Jelks shakes hands with Chief Robert Ratchford at his graduation.

by Gabrielle Chevalier

The UTC Police Department recently hired three new officers who are now set to complete the field training program.

New officers DeAngelo Jelks, Christopher Payne and Rebecca Morgan will help the campus police reach many of their goals to become more approachable and active within the campus community, Lieutenant John Boe, police operations, said.

“We are proud of them, they are all fine officers,” Boe said. “They are a stepping stone to where we need to be as a department.”

Officers Jelks and Payne graduated Friday from the police academy, Boe said. Officer Morgan was hired initially as a dispatcher from Red Bank last year.

Boe said he hopes the new officers will not only help campus police increase their presence, but help further student knowledge about the police department and the availability of the officers to aid students.

He said he purposefully chose officers he felt would be able to relate to students and aid them in any way possible.

“These guys fit the bill for what I would expect an officer to be like if I was approached by one as a bystander,” Boe said.

Morgan said she is honored to be a part of the University police force.

“I’m glad to be here at UTC Police, and it is a nice place to be a part of,” Morgan said.

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