By Lorena Grajales, Staff Writer –

This semester, a new version of the student code of conduct and honor code was implemented for students. 

Since July of 1999, the honor code had not been adjusted, whereas the code of conduct was revised in late 2018. 

To spread the word about the new editions, UTC sent out emails, put up posters around campus and both electronic and paper copies are now available in the office of student conduct. 

The code of conduct ensures that UTC has a welcoming and safe campus by enforcing a set of standards. 

Students must follow local, state, and federal laws as well as detailed university policies, to ensure the safety of others. 

On the other hand, UTC’s honor code directly relates to academic standards. 

According to the Associate Dean of Students, Brett Fuchs, the biggest change made was that they “modified the language to make it as user friendly as possible, and for people to understand how the process works, and what rights they have.” 

After receiving student input, the school concluded that there were sections in the previous code of conduct and honor code that needed to be more precise. 

Some common references that are now specifically outlined include definitions such as what is considered plagiarism, cheating and the difference between a calendar and business day. 

To students directly involved in the disciplinary process, upcoming measures and their rights will be explained more thoroughly. 

Another notable difference to the code of conduct is the addition of the Good Samaritan Policy, which offers amnesty to a certain degree for students considered “good Samaritans”, if found violating any codes. 

According to Fuchs, revisions for the honor code and student code of conduct took place over the course of about 29 months. 

It was a tedious process, which included getting modifications approved and revised by the campus executive leadership team, UT Board of Trustees, attorney general’s office, state senate and other departments. 

The school also promoted student involvement for suggestions and feedback in this matter. 

Representative groups of students including The Graduate Student Association, Freshman Senate and Student Government Association gave input for the decision-making in this lengthy process. 

UTC anticipates that the new revisions have been brought up to the best standards as possible.  

“Our hope is that students just come to know that these new codes of conduct exist, that they know that they’re here to uphold a level of community, and community standards here at the university,” said Fuchs. “The goal is that the codes exist to keep people out of trouble, not to get people in trouble… Our goal is to keep a safe, happy, and welcoming community.”

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