By Idris Garcia

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Heading south: Missouri will be joining the SEC starting this fall. Texas A&M will also join the SEC in 2012. The addition is the first for the SEC since 1991.

Along with a new conference, the Missouri Tigers are breaking out a new brand for five of their athletic teams.
The proud new members of the prestigious Southeastern Conference (SEC) signed an eight-year contract with Nike, which means new uniforms.
Nike has also recently released new NFL uniforms and are perhaps best known in the college sports world for the Oregon Ducks’ flashy uniforms.
Missouri’s football team unveiled their new look at the annual Black and Gold spring game.
Three of their players came out of the tunnel at halftime wearing three out of the possible 24 uniform combinations that are now possible.
The Tigers have three different jersey colors, four pants, and two helmets. The jerseys are black, gold and white, while the pants feature the same colors plus anthracite (gray).
The helmets  are a glossy black with the tiger head logo most associated with the school, rather than the block “M” that has been a part of the uniform since the 1970s.
The men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and soccer teams will also feature new uniforms during the 2012-2013 seasons.
With the new look, there is no doubt Missouri can keep up with the best of them in the look department, but can they keep up with the SEC elite on the field?
There is no question that the SEC is currently the best conference in college football.
For a very long time I tried to shrug that off as only an opinion, but there is no fighting the truth. It is a stone cold fact.
They have produced seven out of the past 10 national champions, including six consecutive years from 2006 to Alabama’s title this season.
The Big-12, Missouri’s old conference, has accounted for two championships in that span and neither of those winners were named Missouri.
Mizzou finished 8-5 last season, going 5-4 in conference games. Their most notable win is perhaps Texas A&M in OT considering the  Aggies will be joining the Tigers in their move to the SEC.
It is no secret that these two teams will face a tough task in shaking of the “little brother” titles that automatically are placed upon them by fans of top tier SEC teams.
However, several SEC programs are very beatable.
Ole Miss had a dismal 2011 season, Tennessee experienced a major fall from grace capped by a loss to Kentucky and Kentucky is no stellar program themselves.
Auburn is also down from where they were two seasons ago when Cam Newton lead them to a championship in 2010.
Mississippi State and Vanderbilt had 2-6 records in the conference but showed some growth from past seasons.
Missouri and Texas A&M will have to toughen up, and work hard to fit into the SEC.
They will have to earn their licks and pick up some wins against the SEC’s bottom tier in order to start that process. It may take time before either team makes a splash in the SEC.
If anything, at least they will look good.

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