New tool designed to help with advising and graduation planning

By Haley Bartlett, Staff Writer –

Some members from the Records Office, along with Stacie Grisham, director of the Center of Advisement, recently previewed a new system called Planner to SGA, which is a tool that was designed to enhance graduation planning.

The new program is already out on MyMocsDegree. Grisham said that while other tools, like the Undergraduate Catalog and Clearpath for Advising Guides, are helpful to planning for graduation too, they are somewhat static. 

“MyMocsDegree provides students with a more personalized view of these requirements by reflecting completed and outstanding requirements,” she said, “but it did not allow students to move that information into a semester-by-semester plan.”

Grisham said the Records Office has spent the past 18 months programming, planning and testing the module. Future plans are already being made to add additional aspects, such as allowing students to register for classes from Planner.

Students can access the program by going to “Plans” tab once on MyMocsDegree. From there, students can choose to either use a blank plan or to use the current 2017-2018 template available. Grisham said each year they will release updated templates.

Advisors will begin to slowly show students during their meetings what Planner looks like. Grisham also said that they plan to introduce the program to all upcoming students during summer orientation.

Next year, our goal is that all freshmen will work with their advisors to complete a graduation plan before the end of their first year in college,” she said.

Grisham said Planner will help advisement greatly due to the advisors now being able to have a shared workspace with the students that will be saved. She said it can also make changing majors and minors easier by seeing semester to semester plans.

Grisham said they are on early stages of sharing the program but have gotten good feedback.

Sari Shuler, a freshman from Brentwood, Tennessee, said that a program that goes semester-to-semester would help.

“It would help me to know what classes to take each semester because right now there are a lot of options,” she said, “it can get a bit confusing.”


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Kirsten Raper

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