Nick Lutsko re-imagines “A Nightmare before Christmas”

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Anna Prater, Chattanooga, Tenn. – Nick Lutsko is known around Chattanooga for his eccentric and unconventional musical endeavors.

Lutsko, along with his band of puppet people and other local musicians, will perform “A Nightmare Before Halloween,” his spin on the iconic film score by Danny Elfman for “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” at The Camp House.

Prior to the show, Lutsko pre- viewed his take on the soundtrack for

Each track keeps the spirit of the classic, but rather than using a full symphony orchestra like the original, they used electric guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and xylophone.

And Lutsko sings in character as Jack Skellington, which keeps the listener in the theatrical mindset.

This kind of undertaking isn’t new for Lutsko; earlier this year, he “Burned the House Down” with Dan- imal Planet, who will also be involved in the Halloween show. Together at The Camp House, they played an en- tire tribute set of Talking Heads songs.

Before tackling the “Nightmare Be- fore Halloween,” Lutsko and his band will perform a set of original music.
In March, Lutsko released a full- length EP titled “Etc.,” an album that blends genres into something that stands entirely on its own.

With vocals that are reminiscent of Vampire Weekend and catchy hooks worthy of overplay on any pop station, “Etc.” is relatable while also being original and new.

Though Lutsko’s band usually looks like Halloween during live performanc- es – they’re regularly dressed up in Muppet-looking costumes and referred to as the ‘puppet people,’ – The Camp House will have a costume contest for all those in attendance.

Winners will receive $100, run- ner-up will receive $50, and second runner-up will receive a CD and t-shirt.
The first set begins at 9:30 p.m. and is all ages. Tickets are $12 at the door, but discounted advance tickets can be purchased on The Camp House website for $10.

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