NoBaked: “Don’t Mind if I Dough!”

Harper Mihoci, the daughter of NoBaked Cookie Dough’s owner, and her grandpa, Don Mihoci, playing with Harper’s cookie toy after enjoying a scoop of real cookie dough. (Photo by Kaitlyn Evans-Witzel)

By Riley Holcraft, Staff Writer—

On Saturday, January 26, the grand opening of NoBaked Cookie Dough on Frazier Avenue attracted a crowd of people interested in discovering what artisan cookie dough is all about.

When the grand opening commenced at noon, a line had already formed all the way out the door. People of all ages endured the chilly weather to get a taste of the latest treat in town.

The brand-new Chattanooga location has a small sitting area for friends to enjoy their treats while overlooking a view of Coolidge Park in the back window. On opening day, the establishment was full of people laughing and visiting about their different doughs.

The owner of the Chattanooga location, Stephanie Mihoci, gave a little insight on the beginnings of NoBaked. As one might expect, NoBaked Cookie Dough Founder Megan Beaven loved eating her favorite dessert, cookie dough, as a child. Since most cookie doughs have raw eggs that hold the potential for diseases like salmonella, she searched for a way to make cookie dough taste just as great without the health hazard. Over the years, she worked on perfecting recipes and tested them out with friends and family.

Employees prepare cookie dough for customers at the opening of NoBaked Cookie Dough Chattanooga. Saturday January 26th, 2019. (Photo by Alex Ogle)

“It started about a year and a half ago with the first storefront in Nashville,” Mihoci explains. “Megan always made edible cookie dough and would take it to the offices where her and her husband worked.”

“She had been told time and time again to make a business out of it and began with pop-ups around the Nashville area. Since it sold so well, she was encouraged to create an established franchise.”

Megan Beaven expressed her feelings about Chattanooga’s grand opening, saying: “I am super excited! This is what we want any new grand opening to be like. I’m glad there’s a love for cookie dough!”

Beaven added that she saw Chattanooga as a perfect location for the fifth NoBaked store, joining a chain of locations already established.

“The business started in Nashville, and since we had such great success there, I knew Chattanooga would be the perfect demographic. Luckily, we found a great location and the right people,” Beaven continued.

She enthusiastically encouraged the UTC community to join the fun, noting that everyone from UTC should come to NoBaked. It’s new and you get to try a lot of delicious flavors.

Several UTC students are already employed at NoBaked, and the business plans on making the product appealing to students and establishing partnerships with the university.

Co-owner Stephan Jaeger attended UTC and is still involved in campus happenings.

“As a former UTC student, I like staying in touch with my alma mater,” he says. “By opening this store, we reach college students and I am able to stay connected. We are employing several UTC students, and so the collaboration with UTC is a big deal for me.”

NoBaked offers 10 different flavors of cookie dough and serves it in cups or cones similarly to ice cream. While their gourmet, edible cookie dough comes with no risk of foodborne illness, there are also add-on toppings and dairy free options. Not a fan of a serving of just cookie dough? NoBaked also offers milkshakes with any flavor of cookie dough or a cup of coffee. There is something for everyone.

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