Northside Neighborhood House offers help to community


Sarah Inman, Chattanooga, Tenn. – Northside Neighborhood House (NNH) is faithfully serving the community for the 92nd year in a row.

This agency provides Chattanooga with the ability to give individuals and families assistance, resources and education needed to get through the difficult times in their life.

CEO Rachel Gammon started as a volunteer while in her sophomore year at UTC and was able to move up because of her enthusiasm for the organization.

When the opportunity to move up for the third time presented itself, Gammon knew that even though she was young, she could do a great job.

“I was and am really passionate, I knew I could create more change and help more people in this position [CEO], God just opened the doors,” said Gammon.

NNH has many programs to help get people back on their feet again, including educational programs offering the GED, teen programs and children’s educational programs, where Gammon started out.

NNH has two thrift store fronts that sell discount items, both of which need volunteers to help keep it running smoothly.

“The founder wanted to be able to assist people who have fallen on hard times and give them the opportunity to thrive with the help of education,” said Gammon.

Adults in the GED program can learn basic typing skills, develop literacy at their own pace and critical thinking skills by discussing current events and workforce concepts.

Current education majors can volunteer to help with this program alongside retired educators.
The teen program implemented a new program called the Next S.T.E.P. (Support + Training + Employment = Prepared) program for high school students last year.

The children’s program has a lot to offer including tutoring, mentoring relationships and enrichment activities such as ballet and art lessons.

NNH always looks for volunteers to help them continue to be able to reach so many people.

Students can volunteer to help instruct GED classes, work at one of their two thrift stores, help with the children’s after school program, be a guest speaker or work as a greeter at the store fronts and help with clean-up.

“I have learned so much about being selfless and taught my girls (six and eight) about serving and its been such a blessing,” said Gammon.

Hayden Seay

Hayden Seay

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