By Alyssa Martin, Features Editor—

The annual Oak Street Roast welcomed many UTC students to celebrate the start of the 2019-2020 school year and kick-off a week full of activities.

Oak Street Roast took place on Chamberlain Field from 8-10 p.m. on Sunday evening. Crowds of students played games, ate free food and socialized with new and old friends for the 27th year in a row. 

UTC sophomore and Resident Assistant Hailey Beaver did not go to the Oak Street Roast her freshman year; however, she spoke fondly of the event in terms of her new RA position.

  “From what I can see tonight,” began Beaver, “there is a lot of people here, so it is a really good way for freshman to connect with each other, with other upper-classmen and with organizations on campus.” 

Beaver also said she saw most of her freshman residents at the Oak Street Roast and hopes them seeing her, and other upper-classmen, at the event makes all new students want to get more involved and realize these events are a good way to get plugged in on campus. 

Freshman Mary Kate Sheppard enjoyed getting to meet and interact with the UTC community. Although she said how overwhelming this transition into her first year at UTC has been, she is overjoyed by the welcomeness and willingness to help adjust by everyone she has met. 

Not being much of a homebody, Sheppard said events, like the Oak Street Roast, have helped her feel very involved and welcome to the UTC community by giving her a reason to get out of her room and move around campus. 

Despite the long lines for food, Sheppard was overjoyed with the interactions she had with the UTC community on Sunday evening, and she already plans on getting involved with various organizations on campus through people she met at Oak Street Roast.  

“I am very happy to be in this vicinity with all of these people because a lot of people are new, too, and it is not just me being a freshman, I am not alone in it,” said Sheppard. “A lot of other people are meeting new people, doing new things, just like I am. That is kind of comforting, but it is super fun to do this type of stuff.”

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