Obstruction Construction

By Haley Bartlett, Assistant News Editor—

As most know, because it’s definitely hard to miss, Vine Street is currently undergoing construction in front of the UC, not only creating an eyesore for the campus, but inhibiting students’ usual walkways.

Due to the many fences put up surrounding the area of the torn up street, students can no longer use the side entrances of the UC or the sidewalks by Brock Hall. Personally, this makes my walking experience on that side of campus way more complicated because the only access point for the UC that makes sense is the back one. If anyone lives in UCF or close to it, “Cardiac Hill” is an obligation which already is a hike, but if you go out the front of the UC, it’s mandatory to walk the full perimeter of Chamberlain Field to get back to your dorm.  

Also, most bike riders on campus can no longer use most of the sidewalks in the area because either they have been blocked off or torn up, being replaced by gravel pathways that are uneven and eventually get cut off as well.

No one is quite sure why the construction is going on, but it is scheduled to be a 270-day project. Considering this is UTC’s campus, it’s a good bet that it’ll take some time. The rumor mill has said the plan is to raise the street to match the level of the UC. So the question becomes why not have done this in the summer?

Instead of doing all of this when campus was a ghost town, they started within the first two weeks of the semester causing an obstruction. Ironically, the beautification process is making our campus look rather ugly from the fences and rubble, leaving a bad impression on the parents and potential students during the campus tours that have been held.

Most parents want to see the entirety of the campus their kids are interested in attending, and campus tour guides have to go around all of Vine Street to show off the university. It would have been better to start the project in the summer months, so around this time it would have been coming to completion.


Kyle Gentner

Kyle Gentner

Opinion Editor

  1. Bike riders are unable to use the sidewalks? They are never supposed to be on sidewalks. Bikes are vehicles subject to road use and laws.

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