By Dewayne Bingham, Wandering Mocs Columnist–

Dr. Dog is set to headline Wednesday night’s show at The Signal. The indie group has been touring in support of Critical Equation, their latest album, which stands apart from previous discography in both sound and lyrical focus.

Set to open for Dr. Dog is The Nude Party, an indie rock band out of upstate New York, which has seen a recent boom in popularity since the release of their eponymous debut album in July of 2018.

The band’s name isn’t a social metaphor. At the birth of their musical career, they would play shows at their Boone, N.C. lake house for crowds of locals and Appalachian State University students. Often involved were copious amounts of alcohol and nudity, and a loud, excited stage presence fueled by the formers.

When asked if the band still hosted NudeFest, lead singer Patton Magee responded, “No. We would get arrested if we returned there. I think now would be a good time to cash our chips.”

Since then, the band has gotten dressed and moved in with Black Lips drummer and producer of The Nude Party’s first full-length album, Oakley Munson.

They share a house in the Catskill Mountains of New York, a short drive from Dreamland Recording Studios in Woodstock, where they recorded their album with Munson, and in close proximity to the musical menagerie of New York City.

“It’s given us an isolated home base, but it’s also given us a proximity to New York City, which is ideal,” Magee said.

Being such a performance-oriented band, Magee said they are constantly adding to their setlist and using time on the road to experiment live with new songs written at home.

“We’re practicing new songs at sound check and playing them at shows and getting them where we actually feel comfortable with them,” Magee said. “We’re playing a lot of songs from the album and a good amount of new stuff that no one’s ever heard.”

Prior to their tour with Dr. Dog, The Nude Party has opened for other on-the-rise indie acts like The Growlers, Twin Peaks, and Post Animal, as well as household names like Arctic Monkeys.

“It definitely affects you to see people further on down the line, people who’ve been doing it longer than you, people who’ve had more success than you, to meet them and see where they’re at,” Magee said.

“Particularly with the Arctic Monkeys. They’re super down to earth dudes who wanted to hang out every night after every show,” he continued, “I thought that was inspiring. They’re at the top of the game and they’re still enjoying it.”

Hoping to ride out previous success in their first United Kingdom tour, the band will be touring internationally after Shaky Knees Music Festival in May, adding new venues in Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand.

“It’s all new to us. We’re super stoked,” Magee said.

While life on the road has its challenges, he admitted, doing what they love and doing it together is what keeps The Nude Party going.

“It doesn’t pay very well, we spend a lot of time away and a lot of time out of comfort, but I’m not complaining,” Magee said, “We love playing music and we love writing, so we’re okay with everything else that goes with it.”

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