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Best Trait: Chill Study Environment

I love Revelator’s white color scheme, it really clears my head and allows me to focus on my work. The music at Revelator is a mix of chillhop and jazzy beats, usually with no lyrics. Music without lyrics is so much easier to study to because it’s less distracting. Revelator is the ideal coffee shop to visit if you need to write an essay. They also get bonus points because I left my laptop charger there once, and when I went back, they had wrapped it up neater than I have ever done.

Mean Mug Northshore

Best Trait: Affordable coffee and food

Mean Mug’s affordable menu makes it great for students; a cup of coffee is like $3, and you can get food there for under $7, and they have healthy options as well! The music could be better since it’s really just a playlist of guitar-heavy pop music that’s standard for coffee shops. Be prepared to hear at least one John Mayer song every time you go in. I’m also specifically writing about the North Shore location since the Southside one is way too crowded and noisy.

Stone Cup

Best Trait: Longer Hours

Something that bothers me about coffee shops around Chattanooga are the limited hours, especially on Sundays. Many places like Mean Mug and Camp House are either completely closed on Sundays or close before 5. Limited hours make it hard to sit down and accomplish much, so Stone Cup is the victor in this aspect. They are the only coffee shop I can think of that stays open until 9 p.m. every day. Stone Cup has a good food menu (the smoked salmon salad is amazing), and the upstairs study space almost always has a few tables open for you and your friends. They have some interested sugary drinks, as well, if you’re into that.

Camp House

Best Trait: Good for Meetings

Camp House is a great spot for catching up with friends or doing a short interview; it was my go-to interview place back when I wrote for the features section. The open space makes conversation easy to have without feeling like you are disturbing those around you. Recently, Camp House has employed a new menu that’s pretty odd; you pick your base and then build your plate, resulting in the possibility of southwest and asian dishes. I really liked their old food menu, so the jury is still out for me on their new one.

Goodman’s Coffee

Best Trait: Located inside Warehouse Row

Goodman’s Coffee has a great location; you can grab a latte and then sip on it while shopping at Anthropologie and Cosmetic Market. I always have good conversation with the baristas that work there, and I always end up liking what I order. I’m pretty biased because Goodman’s is next door to my internship, so I always end up going there on my breaks.

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