Opinion: Who can stop the Patriots?

By Victoria Chavers, Staff Writer —

  The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and this year marks another appearance by the New England Patriots after their overtime victory against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship.

    Not only is it the Patriots’ third year in a row to compete in the Super Bowl, it’s the fourth year they’ve made it in the past five. It seems as if Tom Brady and his crew are motivated by the fact that most of the country, except New England, hates them. Brady, 41, has five Super Bowl rings already, and just doesn’t appear to be losing steam. His body hasn’t given up on him, and he hasn’t given up on his fans (though there are fewer now than in years previous.) New England was 11-5 in the regular season and played a few garbage games, but still finished second in the league to the Chiefs, who were 12-4.

    For the past nine seasons, the Patriots have made it to the AFC Championships. It seems like the more people hate the team, the better they do. Brady feeds off the football fanatics who say he’s too old or call him a cheater. A sixth Super Bowl ring for Brady would further solidify him as the GOAT, and continue to break records set by himself. New England has a decent chance at clinching the title this year after letting the Eagles basically trample their defense last year. However, the Rams have one of the best defenses in the league. Hopefully it won’t be enough for the Brady & Co. offense. The Patriots haven’t played like themselves all season, but they really stepped up their game in the playoffs. Rob Gronkowski’s age is clearly becoming an issue, but he powers through. Brady, Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman have been playing their hearts out the past few games, as well as Sony Michel, who might be able to end his rookie season with a Super Bowl win.

    Although most people will surely be rooting against the Patriots, it’s admirable that they are athletically talented enough to keep the dynasty alive. As long as people keep yelling at Brady telling him he’s a cheater or too old, he’ll keep fighting. I don’t blame him, he feels like he needs to prove himself even after all these years winning games and breaking records. However it turns out, this year’s Super Bowl will be one to watch. The Patriots definitely need to redeem themselves after last year’s loss. As long as Brady steps up like usual and the defense doesn’t crumble, he can give them a chance at a sixth ring for himself and the franchise.   

Jason McDaniel

Jason McDaniel

Assistant Sports Editor

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