Organizations under Student Development to split up into different sections

By Abigail Frazier, Staff Writer –

Student Development at UTC will be splitting into three different sections as well as hiring Associate Vice Chancellors for each additional position on July 1st.

Later this year, Student Development will consist of three components: Student Life, Student Services and Housing.

According to UTC’s Vice Chancellor for Student Development Trae Cotton, “There will be three principal areas, one that is campus life (programming and events), one that is residential life and the other focuses more on student development services.”

Cotton and others in the Student Development department felt the need to expand their programs to enhance life on campus for the community at UTC.

“The changes are happening to better align the division in a way that makes organizational sense, at least to me, and capitalizes on likeness of experiences,” Cotton said.

With this upcoming change, students receive a wider range of services and programs to expand and encourage more life and involvement on campus.

“I also want to put the programmatic aspect more forward facing than it is right now by creating a student activities office under campus life that will provide greater visibility for the activities component so that students can see in a much more fluid manner those things that help create a vibrant campus life. These areas will be more forward facing and easier for students to access in a one stop location,” Cotton said.

By providing greater visibility of upcoming activities that students have access to, students have a greater and easier availability to partake in the community on UTC’s campus.

“I am hoping that by making these changes and then re-branding the entire division we will create a fresh buzz on campus about the great work already being done, which is only a precursor to even greater things,” Cotton said.

Each new division will consist of certain organizations that cater to Student Life, Student Services and Housing.

“Campus life will have the ARC and UC, Multicultural Center, Student Activities and Women’s and Gender Center. Residential Life will have housing as well as divisional budget and assessment. Dean of Student will have Disability Resource Center, Student Conduct and Campus Health Education and Wellness (CHEW),” Cotton said.

With a greater focus to broadcast each department and organization to students, more faculty will be needed to help make this transition work smoothly and beneficially.

“I am looking for great leaders and visionaries who can come in and help us all think in new and creative ways to maximize the student experience. I want seasoned leaders who can develop great relationships with students, faculty, staff and community members. I also want them to challenge our staff to be better every day,” Cotton said.

Not only does Cotton desire leaders to connect with UTC on a greater level, but also leaders who will greater the system on this campus.

“They will also be thought leaders in helping me constantly envision cutting edge program and service delivery vital and relevant to today’s student,”Cotton said.

With these new changes to create a better and more accessible campus life for students, Cotton and the Student Development team strive to provide UTC with the best.

“The main goal is to create a fluid organization that seeks to provide the best support services, events and programs for our students and help to  maximize their overall learning and growth experiences and ultimately to create the best Division of Student Affairs in the country.”

Kirsten Raper

Kirsten Raper

News Editor

Kirsten is an English major with a minor in Communication. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and going to concerts.

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